Our Products

We are proud to import Cialux and Italux-B Bookcloth from Italy, partnering with the well-known and world-renowned cover material manufacturers at Manifattura del Seveso (MdS). MdS is a four-generation Italian manufacturing company that has been in continuous development for over 100 years, producing high quality materials and elegant products. With a long entrepreneurial spirit that embodies dedication, determination and passion, MdS is constantly innovating. 

Sustainability is a mindset.

Environmental sustainability is the target of the MdS corporate strategy. They are constantly contributing to cultural change, respect the environment and aid in protecting the health of their employees and workers. The MdS mission to produce materials in the most “green” way has allowed them to acquire the prestigious ISO 14001, the most rigorous environmental certification to date. 

Natural fabrics

MdS uses completely natural fabrics such as cotton and viscose, derived from natural cellulose. They consciously remove chemicals that may present during the pulping process. 

Metal-free dyes 

MdS has obtained the EN71 rule with certifies the absence of heavy metals; a very strict European certification that ensures the safety on the usages. 

Water-based resins

MdS removes all resins based on solvent for exclusive water-based resins. 

FSC Certified

FCS certification guarantees the origin of products from a well-managed FSC certified forest. MdS is committed to our forests and the preservations of trees for following generations and their commitment continues to expand.